Name: Cheery Arizala

Likes: Pasta, pizza, chinky guys

Hates: Ampalaya,back figther

Fav. Line: "With friends like these

(blair, chuck & nate) who need an army?"

I am Cheery Anne Arizala, you can call me “cheery”

I have cheery name but I’m not always cheery

I am moody yet sensitive

I am impatient though understanding

I am noisy but know how to listen

I am snob but I can friendly if I want to

I am young adult but still a child within

I am impulsive buyer but know when to save

I am shy but know when to talk

I am impatient but know when to wait

I have high standard but settle on simple things

I have few friends but they are true

I can be your greatest friend but I can also be your worst enemy

I live alone but still dependent

I look strong but vulnerable inside

I can be a angel if I want but I can be totally b*tch if I want too

I love my family but spend a little time with them

I like music but I can’t sing

I am tall but not tall enough

I am emotional but hard to express